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about our designs

Our goal is to create practical, easy products that combine modern, clean design with a unique outdoor-inspired aesthetic.

We conceive all the designs and hand-make the final products in our Portland, Oregon studio.

The CINCH planters are inspired by our love of the outdoors.  The natural wood is reminiscent of hikes in the forest, and the paracord is used to secure camping tarps and reminds us of the shoelaces on our hiking boots.  

Houseplants, often, are how we try to bring some of the outdoors indoors.  The plants themselves, as well as the pots they sit in, become objects of decoration.  Our personal style is modern, somewhat minimalist, with maybe a touch of bohemian.  We designed these planters to enhance our own home decor, and we hope you enjoy and appreciate them as well.

We also believe that good design should be available to everyone, and it should be simple (or “a cinch”).  That’s why our planters don’t require repotting or assembly.  Your plants can start living in their new homes right away!


More sizes, colors, and designs will be coming soon!




Jerod Schmidt // maker + founder

I’m a Northwest native who loves exploring the great outdoors and working with my hands to create objects that are inspired and well-crafted.