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CINCH Small Wood Hanging Planter with Blue Paracord


This playful hanging planter is cinched together and hung with a single length of blue paracord--no nails, no glue. The box is handmade from spruce wood, and it is designed to fit standard 4 inch plastic pots (straight from your nursery or garden shop). A plastic saucer is included, so setup is as simple as sliding your pot into the planter. No re-potting is necessary--no dirt, no mess. Your CINCH Hanging Planter also includes a decorative wooden-ball ceiling hook. The hanging length can be adjusted by tying (or untying) knots in the top of the cord. These hanging planters are a great way to add modern, clean design to your home (and make your plants happy).

This listing includes: 
1- *Wooden hanging planter box with blue paracord.

Box Dimensions: apx. 5" x 5” x 5"
Hanging Height: apx. 36” (adjustable)
Weight: apx. 14 oz.
Fits standard 4" potted plants.
No assembly required.
Also, includes:
4" plastic saucer
wooden-ball ceiling hook

*plant is not included

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